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Lustre Paste

GC America

GC Initial IQ Layering-over-Zircon(LOZ) Set

Contains: Quantity of 7 (3 g) Light Reflective Liners (1-6, BL); 5 (50 g) GC Initial IQ LOZ (A, B, C, D and BL); Liner Thinner; Modeling Liquid; Glass Plate; Brush; Technical Manual. GC Initial IQ - One Body, Layering-over-Zircon is a system that allows...

GC America

GC Initial Spectrum Stain, 3g

$44.98 $35.98

GC Initial Spectrum Stain is a universal stain and glaze system for the individualized staining and characterization of ceramic materials. - GC Initial Spectrum Stains are perfectly compatible will almost all types of dental ceramics- Due to its wide...

GC America

Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF Set

Item #: 877078Bring your crowns and bridges to life with this dedicated Lustre Paste Set, with an optimal match to both low and high CTE ceramics. Available in a ready to use consistency, the Lustre Pastes NF are based on fine ceramic particles and can...

GC America

Lustre Paste | GC Initial NF


Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF are 3-dimensional ceramic pastes developed to create color depth and lifelike translucency with a single paint on application. L-N: Neutral and transparent base paste that can be mixed with all Lustre Pastes L-A: Base color...