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Die & Model


AI Square Dowel Pin Set

$125.50 $100.40

AI square dowel pin with cap All about A to I Always stable Balanced pin with a cap Complete square to put in any directions Dimensionally fits to all teeth size Easy to put in/out Featured color: Orange Great cost-effective High...

Alike liquid, 4oz

GC America

Alike liquid, 4oz

$38.32 $30.65

ALIKE is a quick-setting, self-cured temporary crown and bridge resin. ALIKE cures within 5 to 6 minutes and can be trimmed and polished easily without clogging burs. Whatever the size of the restoration, ALIKE is easy to place and maintains a tight...


Bi-Pin | Dowel Pins


High-luster nickel plated model pin with dual guidance.Only one drill hole per die necessary. Dual guidance prevents rotation. Precision fit with gentle friction between pin and sleeve. No oxidization of pins even with time. Narrow pin shape is suitable...

GC America

Ceramic Primer II, 3ml

$99.17 $79.34

GC CERAMIC PRIMER II is a priming agent designed to treat the adherend surface of ceramic and composite prostheses to promote a strong bond to resin-based materials as resin-based cements in case of luting procedures or direct composites in case of...

GC America

COE Spacer Trays #4D (12pk)

$84.98 $67.98

COE Spacer Trays #4D Medium Green Perforated Upper Full-Arch Plastic Impression Dimensions: 2-7/8" W, 2-3/8" L, 3/4" D. COE Spacer Disposable Trays (with the unique zigzag spacer bar designed into the occlusal surface) allows you to seat loaded...

GC America

COE-SEP Tinfoil Substitute, 1 Gallon

$85.83 $68.66

COE-SEP is an economical tinfoil substitute that provides smooth, glossy, and tough film on stone models. This product prevents denture resins from sticking to stone models during processing. The uniform film's thickness permits closer adaptation of...


Die Master Aqua | Die Spacer

$27.42 $22.48

Die:Master Aqua from Renfert is an A1/B1 tooth-colored die spacer with a layer thickness of 10 µm to compensate for the expansion of pressable ceramics. The high coverage formula and quality brush ensure a precise, even, streak-free...

Die Master Duo | Die Hardener

$15.77 $12.93

Die:Master Duo is a dental die hardener from Renfert that cross-links the die stone structure, creating an in-depth hardness and high degree strength on the edges of the die. It is also ideal for hardening the opposing dentition and adjacent teeth. Its...


Die Master Set

$102.30 $83.88

The Die:Master Set from Renfert gives you all the products your dental lab will need to effectively treat the die surface for restorations that fit with a high degree of accuracy. The included stand ensures that all components of the set are visible and...


Die Master | Die Spacer

$24.92 $20.43

Renfert Die Master Die Spacers are available in four layer thicknesses and six opaque colors to meet the varying needs of your dental lab. These steam-proof, scratch resistant die spacers air-dry to a smooth finish to ensure that wax patterns can be...