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GC America

GC Gradia Gum Shade, 2.9ml

$54.27 $43.42

GRADIA is an indirect restoration system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. This product is an advanced 'MFR composite'. Its internal structure consists of reinforced bonds between an organic/inorganic filler and a lightly-filled...

GC America

Gradia Dentin, 2.9ml

$53.42 $42.74

Has exceptional elongation properties and strength. These features permit forming it into delicate, long, finger-like strands or other like shapes. Masking ability is superb and exhibits a brighter colour which can reflect through a larger amount of...

Gradia Gum Shades Starter Package

GC America

Gradia Gum Shades Starter Package

$465.40 $372.32

GRADIA gum shades are designed to provide shades as seen in the natural gingiva. With this light-curing composite, gingiva tissues can be reproduced by means of basic or multiple layering techniques. This product is fully compatible with the GRADIA®...