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Dental Ventures of America

Dental Ventures of America

Die Stone Conditioner

$39.14 $20.39

Die Stone Conditioner from DVA is a liquid resin, gypsum sealer, and hardening material for models and dies. When applied to gypsum, Die Stone Conditioner penetrates into the material and hardens to...

Dental Ventures of America

Hotstikz Wax, 5lb

$90.00 $78.30

Hotstikz Wax is a special thermoplastic wax used for temporarily holding parts together during laboratory procedures. Separates cleanly from stone and plaster For use with Hotstikz Applicator...

Dental Ventures of America

Zapit Accelerator

$38.63 $8.62

Zapit Accelerator from DVA is used to set or harden Zapit as well as traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives used for model and die repairs, gluing dowel pins into position, and adhering...

Dental Ventures of America

Zircon-Brite, 20g

$52.04 $45.28

Zircon-Brite from DVA is the ultimate polishing paste for zirconia, lithium disilicate, porcelain, and composite materials. Zircon-Brite works quickly and efficiently, saving your dental lab time and...