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Whip Mix

2000 Series | Whip Mix Articulator

2000 Series Articulators: Interframe spacing of over 4″ allowing for easy mounting of even the bulkiest casts Excellent options for orthodontists and oral surgeons Rounded edges and frame corners for enhanced visibility and posterior...

Whip Mix

3000 Series | Whip Mix Articulator

The 3000 Series Articulator incorporates a new frame design that features tracking fossae which allow upper and lower frames to remain together during excursive movements, wide posterior access which gives enhanced visibility and lingual access, durable...

Whip Mix

4000 Series | Whip Mix Articulator

4000 Series Articulators: Elimination of crossbar allows for enhanced visibility and lingual access during denture set-up Easy-to-operate locking mechanisms allow:Adjustable condylar inclination: 0-70° Positive centric locking Ability to move...


AI Square Dowel Pin Set

$125.50 $100.40

AI square dowel pin with cap All about A to I Always stable Balanced pin with a cap Complete square to put in any directions Dimensionally fits to all teeth size Easy to put in/out Featured color: Orange Great cost-effective High...

Whip Mix

Anamark Plus | Denar Articulator

The Denar Anamark Plus Semi-Adjustable Articulator provides a fast, uncomplicated method of setting up a case for occlusal diagnosis and treatment. Side shift adjustments are simply a matter of selecting the desired fossae (0.5mm or 1.0mm) and inserting...

Whip Mix

Combi II | Denar Articulator

The Denar Combi II Articulator is a semi-adjustable articulator with fixed progressive side shift and adjustable condylar inclination. This versatile articulator is efficient for cases requiring mounted casts, whether they are for compiling a...

Whip Mix

Denar Automark

Non-Adjustable Articulator Ideal for fabricating single crown and minimal unit restorations in the laboratory, private practice and the teaching environment. Features: Protrusive angle: 25° Progressive side shift: 7° Intercondylar...