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GC America

Ceramic Primer II, 3ml

$99.17 $79.34

GC CERAMIC PRIMER II is a priming agent designed to treat the adherend surface of ceramic and composite prostheses to promote a strong bond to resin-based materials as resin-based cements in case of luting procedures or direct composites in case of...

G-multi Primer, 5ml

GC America

G-multi Primer, 5ml

$106.85 $85.48

G-Multi PRIMER is a Universal Primer designed to prepare and repair any type of indirect restorations. GC used its long-term knowledge in the field of primers to develop G-Multi PRIMER. It offers not only strong adhesion to all substrates (even precious...

GC America

GC FujiCem 2 Starter Kit

$205.40 $164.32

GC FujiCEM 2 is a second-generation, resin modified glass ionomer luting cement. Following ten years of clinical success with GC FujiCEM, this product is powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology, which incorporates new high-elastic crosslinking monomers with a...

GC America

GC Initial INmetalbond

$98.32 $78.66

GC Initial INmetalbond is a buffer that is used as an intermediate coat between the dental alloy and the metal ceramic. This product blocks escaping metal oxides and neutralizes the differences in the expansion coefficient. It is easy to apply with...

GC America

Gradia Composite Primer, 3ml

$26.82 $21.46

GC COMPOSITE PRIMER is an adhesive that assures safe bonding when individualizing artificial teeth and acrylic denture bases using GC GRADIA and GC GRADIA gum shades micro-hybrid composite system. This product rebuilds the inhibition layer for safe...

GC America

Initial Ti – Bonder Intro Kit

$224.98 $179.98

The Initial Ceramic System offers perspectives for special metal ceramic indications such as titanium frameworks. Initial Ti is indicated in situations where high demands are placed on biocompatibility and the most superior aesthetics are expected. By...

GC America

Metal Primer II

$127.27 $101.82

GC METALPRIMER II is used for bonding resin materials (composites and acrylics) to metals and alloys. It contains a special monomer (MEPS thiophosphoric methacrylate) which promotes bonding by penetrating the metal alloy and co-polymerizing with theresin...

GC America

Pattern Resin LS

$110.09 $38.74

1:1 PKG includes 100g powder and 100g(105ml) liquid. PATTERN RESIN LS is a self-curing, general purpose acrylic resin used for making patterns for fabricating copings, post and core build-ups, lingual and palatal bars, implant attachments, adhesion...


Powder Casting Flux, 3oz

$16.31 $15.17

High efficiency, reducing formula. No carbon particles to form inclusions. Fluoride free formula. For gold and silver alloy castings. Wets the molten alloy surface and increases the fluidity of metal, thus minimizing porosity. Flux cleans up old metal...


QX-4 Adhesive, 1oz

$11.00 $10.01

MDS Adhesive QX-4 Adhesive is a highly refined cyanoacrylate adhesive that bonds virtually any materials to themselves or to each other in seconds. QX-4 is the only cyanoacrylate that can bond dry models together. Guarantees consistent viscosity and...

Dental Ventures of America

Zapit Accelerator

$38.63 $8.62

Zapit Accelerator from DVA is used to set or harden Zapit as well as traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives used for model and die repairs, gluing dowel pins into position, and adhering glue-on articulatots to stone or plastic bases.